Vertical Gardens

Our company is the original manufacturer of the basic foam substrate, called Fytocell® which we use to make professional light weight vertical gardens.


The Substrate

The Substrate has been used for several years very successfully by professional growers in glasshouses, for agri- and horticulture applications. We have also used the foam substrate for a long time as solid panels for making light weight roof gardens. Making vertical gardens with Fytocell® foam substrate was a logical step in the product development of Fytocell® applications and six years ago our Australian partner started making vertical gardens, which have been very successful.

The Fytocell® foam substrate is known for its optimal water – air ratio which makes it possible for plants to grow even under severe circumstances. The foam is a buffer for water and nutrition, but also protects the plants in warm summers and cold winters. The fact that the is always enough air inside makes Fytocell® an optimal growing medium. The high capillary capacity of the substrate will give an optimal spread and availability of water and nutrition within the planted elements. At the same time, water and nutrition will be used very efficiently by the plants.

Fytocell substrate mix

Fytocell substrate mix

The Systems

Here at Fytogreen we offer two different modular systems. One tailor made system produced from stainless steel components and one system made from standard sized synthetic modules.

The Bespoke System

The tailor made systems consist of a stainless steel basket with a bag made of special cloth, which is filled with the substrate. These baskets are mounted on a vertical steel rail system which is attached to the back wall.

The baskets foam a segmented wall, relatively easy to install and maintain. The working size of these baskets is 52 x 45 x 17cm (w x h x d), and the total weight can vary between 15 – 25kg each basket depending on the saturation. This system can be installed almost anywhere without limitations in the size of the wall and the baskets can be adapted to corners and window frames for total green wall coverage.

Professional irrigation and nutrition equipment is used for optimal maintenance of the plants. Bigger walls can be monitored by a web based control unit and webcam can even be installed for visual inspection.

Drainage water is collected in a tray which can be connected on the sewer or dedicated tank.

For making vertical gardens we have the choice of using several plants that are well suited for the application. For outdoor garden walls we will choose wintergreen and frost resistant species.

For indoor walls we look for plants which can cope with low humidity and relatively low light levels. Additional lighting is still often required.

In between each row of baskets we install an irrigation dripping line. A fixed water connection is strongly advised for a reliable water supply. If this is not possible we can install a stand alone electric water unit.

It is possible to install a framework surround to complete the wall. The choice of the material can vary from wood to stainless steel.

vertical indoor garden

Stainless steel plant modules

vertical outdoor garden

Outdoor wall – Liropr (combined with a sedum roof)


It is essential for a high quality green wall to be frequently maintained. For small walls it is possible to do this yourself, but for bigger walls with professional irrigation equipment, it is strongly advised to ask a specialist with ‘green fingers’. A vertical garden has a lot in common with a normal horizontal garden, and you need to look after the plant development, check on diseases and insects etc.


It is possible to give a rough idea of the budget needed for a vertical garden wall, but in the end the price will strongly be related to the specific customer requirements and location. As a rough guide the cost for a completed vertical garden wall will be between 700 – 1200 euros per square meter.

vertical outdoor garden

Outdoor Wall

indoor vertical garden

Indoor wall

The Standard Modular System

The second system is based on standard synthetic modules specially designed for vertical gardens. A single module will be filled with 12 litres of  Fytocell® substrate which is enough of tree plants. Plants can be planted very easily and if they need to be replaced for whatever reason, it is possible to do this yourself.

vertical garden - standard module

A single standard module

vertical garden - standard module set of three

A set of 3 standard modules

The modules can be connected in several ways in order to create a complete wall. They can also be placed back to back to create a double sided wall or partition.
The modules will be irrigated by a dripper system which can be connected directly to a water tap. To make life easy, a timer valve can be installed as well as an automatic nutrition unit. For bigger walls a central drainage tray can be installed as well.

The module has a standard size  of 65 x 18 x 20cm (w x h x d). In the bottom of the module there are drainage holes, and surplus water will flow directly through a pipeline in the lower module and eventually end in in the central drainage tray. This construction prevents extreme saturation of the modules.

The modules are UV resistant and can be used for indoor, as well as outdoor, garden walls.

In cases where a direct connection to the water tap is not possible, we can deliver a stand alone unit with an integrated pump, nutrition unit and timer.

Vertical garden walls based on the unique Fytocell® substrate offer you a great opportunity to make your direct environment greener and healthier.