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Fytofoam really comes into it’s own when applied under or injected into sports turf. From football to golf to rugby and cricket pitches, any sports turf project will benefit from the application of Fytofoam.

What is Fytofoam?

Fytofoam is an aminoplast resin which is produced with a hardener under pressure. This results in a light but very spongy substance, with a dry matter content varying form 22 to 30kg/m3 and a water absorption of 60%. Further important features of the resin are that is is absolutely harmless to the environment and entirely biodegradable. This makes Fytofaom highly suitable for improving the soil structure where sports turf is to be installed or renovated.

Fytofoam can be applied on site by means of a specially developed mobile foaming machine. The product is also available in flakes, supplied in big bags. Both foam and flakes can be mixed into the upper layer of the soil.

Fytofoam is available in several densities the main one, RG22 (22kg/m3) being recommended for sports turf applications.

Fytofoam Features

  • Environmentally safe
  • Biodegradable
  • Sterile/Inert
  • Large water absorption capacity (60 vol%)
  • Light weight
  • Simple and effective application, either by means of a mobile foaming machine in the field or in flakes

The Advantages

Fytofoam’s great water-holding ability and air permeability ensure a gradual release of the nutrients and the water absorbed. These factors have an extremely positive effect on germination and also encourage faster and finer rooting. As well as creating a splendid and even growth, this improves the self-restoring capability of the turf. In other words with Fytofoam you will have finer and better results and reduced water and electricity costs.

  • Improves buffering of water and nutrients
  • Boosts irrigation or sprinkling efficiency
  • Gives finer rooting
  • Promotes even growth
  • Enhances self-restoring capability/ provides increased recovery performance.